Yeleswaram Municipality

About us

YELESWARAM Nagar Panchayat is 10th largest ULB in the EAST GODAVARI DISTRICT of A.P. it is spread over an area of 6.50 Kms. with a population of 32084 (2011 census). It is known for its Yeleru project and Lord Siva Temple located by the side of Yeleru River and familiar as second kasi.


It is located nearly 305 Kms. from capital city and 60 Kms. from District Headquarters. It was established as III Nagar Panchayat in the year 2011. There are III zones/ and 20 election wards in this Nagar Panchayat.


Climate and Rainfall

Yeleswaram Nagar Panchayat Town, in general, has a tropical climate, winters last from November to February, while summers last from March to June. The annual rainfall is 350mm, most of it received during the months of August, September, October & November


The population of the town which was 32924 in 2001 and decreased to 32084 in 2011 with decrease of 0.02% in the last decade. The sex ratio is 1002 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate is 59.48% out of that 64.28% of the male population and 57.02 % of the female populations are literate.


This Nagar Panchayat income is Rs. 728.77 lakhs including Grants and expenditure is Rs. 162.43 Lakhs and main source of income is received from Property Tax.

Environmental issues

Greening of Andhra Pradesh, Massive tree plantation of various plants have implemented in this Nagar Panchayat as per the instructions of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh, C&DMA, A.P., Hyderabad and the District Collector, Kakinada. Planting of trees is being done in different places i.e., Government vacant lands, sides of roads, schools, colleges, canal banks and in play grounds, community Hall compounds and in parts etc., for the benefit of environment and survival of mankind. Meeting has been conducted with voluntary organizations for providing of tree guards.

Urban Poor

In Yeleswaram Nagar Panchayat there are 242 Totally Bank Link aged SHG Groups and Capital Influsion 1st installment completed for 7149 numbers, Government pensions is being distributed in time bound manner to the sanctioned ones first of every month.

History & Culture

Yeleswaram Nagar Panchayat Name is derived from Yeleru River which is located in Yeleswaram and Project has been constructed on this River for Supply of drinking water for many areas around the East Godavari. Lord Siva Temple is located by the side of Yeleru River and familiar as second kasi. Wheat and sugar cane is the main agriculture activity of the people.